About Trump

So this is really just for me, remember that. I'm not trying to add to the conversation, just noting what I've felt and what I hope for after Trump was elected.

First of all, I didn't vote. Both of them in their debates seemed childish and it reminded me of a Jerry Springer show. I simply was turned off.

Throughout the night of the election, I expected Hillary to win but was shocked when Trump won actually. I just felt kind of amazed in a bad way for a day about.

Admittedly, prior to this, I did say to some Uber driver a month or so before that I hope Trump wins because the political system is just a fucking joke anyway so fuck the system. Also, my wife and I in the very beginning when Trump announced he was running were actually rooting for him even though we are typically democratic.

But, as the time rolled on before the election, I started to feel like Trump was kind of a dirty guy and I started to get turned off by him, but at times, liked some of his ideas. In the end, I didn't like them both.

I hope Trump kicks ass though and he was just being kind of a douche to get in as you have to play dirty politics and he is all about winning. Maybe he had to do this? I don't know. I hope he played a role to get in to gain votes from the types of people we are typically ashamed of but that not actually like that.

I agree with Dave Chapelle as he had some nice thoughts he shared on SNL and I'll always keep that in mind.

I'll support Trump as he's The President and let's hope for the best.