Consciousness, yah I'm going to talk about it.

There's quite a lot of people on YouTube who talk about consciousness and there is many varied view points. Some of the extremes say consciousness doesn't exist at all while others say consciousness is fundamental and even creates reality itself.

Here's my take on it.

Let's start with how you picture other people.

When you see someone that you know, you essentially remember things about them from the past and have a general idea about what kind of person they are from your interactions but is that really who they are? They may have behavior that you are accustomed to but essentially, this person is neatly summed up as an idea in your head. There's no way you could understand every molecule of them in other words, not to mention every waking hour of their lives outside your experience of them.

In other words, the people that you know are conceptualized as models or simplified ideas of people and cannot possibly be understood in their entirety as they really are.

Let's now reflect back on you. You remember the things you have done in your life, you could probably list off a lot of facts and moments that you feel make up who you are.

Similarly though, you have a simplified idea or model of yourself as well. You cannot possibly know every little molecule about yourself let alone the inner workings of your organs or your brain so you have to abstract yourself to some degree as well.

Ok. But that has nothing to do with consciousness right? You feel alive, you feel aware, you feel conscious.

Here's where that gets weird.

Brain scans have clearly shown we have many regions of our brain that work together, essentially competing for attention in many cases and also orchestrating until finally coming to a sensation or awareness long after the inner workings of our brain have done their job. There is no central place of cognition.

We essentially feel or realize things after our brain has constructed them.

Certainty is a feeling. Knowing you are aware is also part of certainty. You happen to understand the state of yourself (the model of yourself, simplified) such as how you feel, what time of day it is, what stuff you have to do next, who's next to you, etc.

The point is that consciousness is yet another model we have gained through evolution to understand the state of ourselves in a simplified way.

Our brain consists of over 80 billion neurons and many trillions of axons. Neurons are kind of like laptops while axons are like fiber connecting the internet. Essentially, we have enough wiring and processing power to have extremely complex models or ideas happening in our brains. The anatomy is there for this to happen.

Side Note consciousness does not appear to create reality. The people that think this are heavily leaning on the notion of "Wave Collapse" in physics where this was given as an explanation to explain superposition. The majority of notable physicists are proponents of The Many-Worlds Interpretation instead. Also, our brains are desperately trying to simulate reality in a way to benefit survival, not to try to accurately simulate every possible detail.

In other words, don't get fooled by your own simulation.