Hunch about entanglement

Don't take this seriously as I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about and this is just a self note for later because no one looks at this but me pretty much or random crawler bots or odd ones like you trying to see what I'm like for an interview or whatever.

Quick Intro to wave particle duality

So the older notion is things act as a wave and as a particle. Instead, the consensus in the physics community is that it is just Many Worlds on top of each other and that we observe a particle because we are part of that world. There is a lot more to cover here but quantum computers utilize this very property and entanglement as well but I'll get to that.

Feynman asked the question about the double-slit experiment and asked, what if there were infinite slits, what would the interference pattern end up like? This opened up maths to predict actual probabilities based on differential calculus and other stuff I have no understanding of but allowed predictions in a many-worlds scenario.

This is why Many-Worlds seems like it makes sense to some degree intuitively speaking.

The crux of all this is entanglement.

How can one explain that splitting photons and having them miles apart or theoretically infinite space apart, then interacting with one immediately affects the other?

So I think I kind of faked myself into thinking I intuitively could explain this.

Many Worlds explains that there a multiple things in different space at once. Where are these things? Why don't we see a big wave function? When particles are near freezing they can be observed to be in multiple states at once because they cannot move far apart. But they cannot move away in time.

Imagine the wave function includes time and space together.

Particles that seem apart in our observation may actually be together and since the universe is all connected to itself, altering a particle from another time that is next to itself in another time, still alters it as if it were next to itself.

We only see one possibility of the time and space in our own time and space.

This is crazy silly but at least I can give my thoughts to it even if they are still complete bullshit.