JavaScript is the cartoon of programming languages

When I say this I actually mean this in a good way. JavaScript is by far my favorite language and I liked it long before it became the most popular one, even before jQuery.

What I mean by "cartoon" is JavaScript is so very easy to use, is super friendly by not exposing pointers and more difficult concepts, runs everywhere and has the most community support by far.

JavaScript also has been super charged lately with ES6 (ES 2015), ES7 etc. and browsers are super modern these days with auto updates, sporting and racing to the latest JavaScript features. There are awesome animation, graphics and game frameworks. React Native makes creating apps a breeze for iOS and Android using JavaScript. NPM is just brilliant in how everything is super easy to deploy. Node is amazing and powers huge websites and builds so many frameworks, it's unbelievable.

That's kind of what I mean by cartoon as well, JavaScript is unreal in how successful it has become.