React Native is amazing

I've started v2 of my app going with React Native and to be perfectly accurate, my productivity is at least 10 times faster than using the previous approach.

There are reasons for this in order of significance.

  1. Quick to test
    The testing speed is unbelievable. You can quickly iterate changes and see them immediately update either on the simulator or your actual device. The device takes slightly longer but we are talking mere seconds.
  2. Easy to understand
    React Native is pretty simple to comprehend and reason about so you don't have to guess how to accomplish something, you just do it and it leverages your JavaScript knowledge and has friendly markup to declare components.
  3. Simple to add functionality
    You have NPM which is an amazingly rich community with everything you need as well as RNPM to quickly link native features into your React Native environment.

I'm super happy about going with React Native and I really appreciate what Facebook has done with it and all the great code packages provided by community contributors. Thanks!!!