The Many-Worlds Interpretation

So I've leaned toward this for a couple of years now but now is the time I have to say I strongly think this is what reality is.

Here's a background to it: The Many Worlds Interpretation

I recently found an article from the noted physicist Sean Carroll who wrote about this very topic. It cleared up some misconceptions I had that were confusing and this is also very well written as to make a lot of sense to a laymen such as myself. Initially I was interested in this because I respect Michio Kaku's talks and how he also agrees this is the best explanation for reality, being the founder of String Theory himself.

Here's Sean's article: Why the Many-Worlds Formulation of Quantum Mechanics Is Probably Correct

Quantum computers are real at this stage and rely on the properties of superposition so this furthered my interest to delve back into the topic.

This also jives with experimental observation which is pretty astounding.